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Stephen Butkus (1983) A photographer within fashion, art and portraiture.

He started out documenting subcultures and nightlife around the world at the age of 17. The last 6 years he has focused on his art work and portraiture photography and has come to be one of Scandinavias most progressive and exciting photographers within his field.

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Stephen has had several solo exhibits.

Starting with the wide spread portrait exhibition at The Thief Hotel in 2015 which had record breaking visits and national attention. His collaboration with Clarion The Hub with his project 810 was recognised world wide and the project will continue as one of the largest portrait projects till this date. They plan to open in New York and Tokyo in the near future.

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He has also worked and collaborated with an impressive list of brands.

making content that connects the visual identity with the end user and making sure everything has a unique look and feel. With his long career and background he can make sure that every little detail is taken care of with passion and dedication.

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He now resides in Bali, Indonesia running the company Untitled Collective

with his friend Dag Markus Andreassen, working all over the globe with international brands, hotels and projects.

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